The Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center (HAPDC) organized the second Horn of Africa community meeting at the Radisson Hotel in Dallas on June 3, 2007.

The meeting was to discuss the current war in Somalia and assess its long term impact on the region. Ambassador David Shinn, former US Ambassador to Ethiopia, was the keynote speaker. Ambassador Shinn spent most of his professional life in Africa as a diplomat, serving as ambassador in several African countries. Ambassador Shinn writes extensively about the Horn of Africa, and is considered a leading expert on East Africa. Ambassador Shinn shared a detailed assessment of the war in Somalia, its implications, and prospects for reconciliation. Ambassador Shinn's CV.

Dr. Ali Bahar, an independent Somali researcher based in Houston, also gave a detailed speech on the situation in Somalia.

Ambassador Shinn's Full Remarks

Dr. Ali Bahar's Full Remarks

Kidane Alemayehu's (founder and president of our center) Full Remarks

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